Inverter Capacity (VA)

Inverter And Home UPS Kiwale

The inverter has its own limitations. The inverter provides electricity backup to the appliances in a household like a fridge, washing machine,ac,

In the Ups system battery is the most important component. It is responsible for the good performance and long life of your UPS. It is most important for a home.  between the primary power supply and the battery, the inverter is a medium

Nowadays most offices and companies use the home UPS.
Do you know some easy tips to maintain the
cleaning of the battery terminal 

  • keep the battery dust-free 
  • Check the water level regularly if your battery is damaged you        need to replace it
  • Use your battery regularly
  • Check acid level regular 
  • Check your battery connection regularly

the UPS battery within the last 3-5 years-Maintenances ( avoid extra charging, clean terminal)

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Kivel is a village in Pune, situated in the Mawal taluka of Pune Kivale village is located in Mawal Tehsil of Pune. It is situated 25km away from sub-district headquarter Vadgaon.