Inverter Capacity (VA)

Inverter And Home UPS Katraj

Home UPS is a power conversion circuit that regulates the current in electrical devices. The integrated circuit of an inverter controls the compressor in a car and, therefore , only supplies the amount of voltage necessary for the operation of gadgets and devices.

The home inverter also ensures that too high or too low voltage from the conventional power supply will not cause any damage or damage to gadgets and devices.

Suppose you have a photo studio. Someone came to capture an identity-size photo for their collage in large quantities. It is a big offer for you. You work on this order, but suddenly the electricity is cut and work is also stopped due to a power cut off.

To avoid this situation install an inverter and Home UPS for your studio for taking and completing urgent orders.

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Katraj is a well-developed large area in Pune city. It is situated near the center of Pune city. Katraj contains many small-scale areas like Santosh Nagar, Kamala City, Sukhsagar Nagar, Yewale Wadi, Gokul Nagar. Batterymela also provides our service to these areas.We provide professional Inverter/Home UPS Installation Service In Katraj.