Inverter Capacity (VA)

Inverter And Home UPS Karve Nagar

House UPS is a power backup device that converts one form to another. This DC power is stored in an inverter battery. When our main power supply is cut this stored DC is converted into AC and supplied depending on all household devices.

Home UPS is also the same as an inverter. Both are working the same, but in case we require to use a computer or desktop for urgent work on an inverter, then we can use the inverter on UPS mode otherwise, we use the this on echo mode.

UPS inverters are mostly used in offices also. Offices have worked mostly on computers so offices need UPS.

Karve Nagar is the most popular area for education. Many colleges, private classes, institutes, and coaching classes are included in Karve Nagar. All these require power backup devices 

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