Inverter Capacity (VA)

Inverter And Home UPS Hinjawadi

Batterymela provides the best supply of inverter and home UPS in Hinjewadi.

Sine wave and square wave brands in the Luminous home UPS:

Luminous is one of the popular brands. This brand fits on the begets that’s why most of the customers required this brand. 

There are two types of home UPS in all the brands.

Those are sine wave and square wave, for the computer-like equipment we required the sine wave and other work you can use the square wave. The sine wave is more costly than the square wave. 

These are the two types, which are used to help with storing the electricity in the battery. 

If you need it for doing the work on the computer then you can contact us, we provide instant help for you with your required home UPS.

Batterymela is one of the famous companies which is selling the inverter and home UPS in Hinjewadi all over Pune city. We give the repairing and installation service to our customers.

We provide the online service of inverter and home UPS in Hinjewadi and its sub areas just like  Marunji, Phase 3, Blue Ridge Town Pune, Phase 1, etc.