Inverter Capacity (VA)

Inverter And Home UPS Deccan

The inverter and inverters provide electrical isolation between input and output Inverters & Home UPS systems are responsible sources of power for various

Home Appliances like fridge, washing machine, computer, AC, laptop, An inverter is a device for converting frequency. The technology is used for home appliances and controls the electric voltage, current, and frequency.

Suppose you are working in the medical shop. You want to deliver medical online details to your customer, at that time your light is cut off and your work is pending due to the electricity. Don’t worry about it

We provide new inverter for your House and we also provide the services Related to the inverter and home ups 

Common problem inverter and home ups

  • battery disconnection
  • battery terminal lose
  • Charging and cables problem
  • Rusty or corroded battery terminals
  • The battery is weak or faulty

Batterymela provides the inverter/home ups services in Deccan. We are the biggest dealer of Inverter/UPS In the Deccan area. We provide the installation services, replacement services, health check up services, replacement, battery jump start services

Deccan Gymkhana, a residential district with colonial-era buildings on wide tree-lined streets, Deccan Gymkhana’ is a neighborhood located in Pune. Named for the Deccan Gymkhana Sports Club, which lies in the center of the city.