Inverter Capacity (VA)

Inverter And Home UPS Alandi Road

WHAT IS UPS? It means uninterrupted power supply is used to protect critical loads from utility supplied power problems.

Energy storage includes built in batteries and a charge controller.  Ups connected to appliances requiring alternative power.Power backup is for short duration.

providing power backup supply for devices to work smoothly.

There are basic function of Inverter

  1. Avoids data loss and damage. In fact, without a ups, data stored on devices subject to suddenly shut down can be completely lost.

2.Avoids damage to hardware caused by over currents and voltage spikes. Many inverter models also continuously adjust the input power

3.Ensure the availability of network and other applications while avoiding downtime, when used in conjunction with generators, make sure they have enough time to start in the event of a power failure.

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