Truck Batteries

Truck Batteries

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The truck also called lorry, these are designed for the carry specialized payloads and performing other utilitarian work. the truck are very big in size, power, and configuration. In 2027 the electric truck share market will be reached 7%. Different brands are  Ashok Leyland, Asia Motor Works, Bharat Benz, Daewoo, Daimler Bharat Benz, etc. the truck carries Amaron or Exide batteries.

There are different 18 models are available In market. Some of the best brand are, Hino 500 FL8J, Amw 2516 HL, Amw 2518 HL, Amw 3116 HL, Amw 3118 HL, etc. some of these are used on the construction site.Lets see some different brands like

Tata Truck: tata motors is an Indian manufacturing company, with headquarters in Mumbai. This tuck company launched the first passenger car in 1998 and this company is the largest cargo truck and bus manufacturing in India, with a wide range of products. In 2021 the tata motors won 6 categories awards. The Tata trucks carry Amaron or Exide batteries.

Ashok Leyland Trucks: this brand is the second large manufacturing company in India. This brand manufacturer’s automobile headquarters is in Chennai, India. this company is the 3rd largest company which is global manufacturing the bus and truck. This brand of the truck also carries the Amaron or Exide batteries.These are the top two brands that provide the best truck all over India

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