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 Dehu road is the popular city of Pune, it is a military cantonment in the city of Pune it is located in Sahyadris hill. The population includes people of various states of India mostly from “south India ”.

Which situation is important? , let’s understand.

Suppose that you are an army officer. you were going to the military cantonment. suddenly you saw a few people come to your car and asked for help. you stopped the car to help him then you started the car and suddenly you understand that the car doesn’t start. In such an incident you feel that you should help him but you can’t help it.

At that time you can contact us, our technicians are available here to solve your problem. They are very talented in their work. They solve all vehicle battery-related issues. We(Batterymela) instantly give the help of that person, who wants to help regarding the four wheeler  battery, we also give the service of bike battery, home inverter, etc.

When your vehicle needs a car battery jumpstart service in Dehu Road quickly call Batterymela.

Our technicians are very supportive and also completed their training in this work, they resolve your problem as soon as possible.  

Batterymela provides car battery Jumpstart service in Dehu road and the surrounding area also.


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    Our pricing is very affordable to our customers

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    We always try to priovide instant service & support to our customers

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    Easy Payment mothods for customers. like phone pe, Paytm, Google Pay etc.

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    Quality and professional work is our first priority.

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